Stamford Connecticut

Stamford, Connecticut

Locate a Court Reporter - Stamford, Connecticut

We offer, free of charge, a spacious conference room located in the heart of downtown to attorneys who need a Stamford court reporter and/or legal video specialist. Whether you require a realtime court reporter, remote access reporting, or expedited services in Stamford, Connecticut; we handle it all.

If your witness is in Stamford and you would like to conduct the depositon from your office out of town, we can provide a conference room, court reporter and videographer. You can be present via telephone, 2-way video conference or via an internet webcast.

Locate a Legal Video Specialist - Stamford, Connecticut

Each videographer is trained in the most up-to-date technologies. Always on time, professional and highly skilled, each videographer will record the best-exposed footage with the cleanest audio in the business.

Every legal videographer on our team can also provide video-text synchronization which combines the transcript provided by the court reporter and the video, then output onto CDs. You will be able to view the video and read the transcript simultaneously on your laptop. Each Stamford videographer also offers other services including videotaping site inspections, inventories, and video wills.